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About Lee's Locos

Specialist repaints, weathering and soundfitting in 0 gauge

Specialist renumbering, weathering, and soundfitting in 00 gauge

***Please note I no longer offer a 00 gauge repainting service

In this day and age of superbly detailed and finished ready to run models, why do I feel the need to offer detailing, repainting, and weathering as a service to customers? The answer is individuality, and realism. Let me explain.

I often used to wonder when being impressed whilst viewing a newly discovered layout, just what it was that made it so different, so realistic compared to others that appeared a bit run of the mill. The answer took quite some time to become apparent.   It is in fact no one single thing. All of the different areas that make a layout whole, the track, scenery, signals, backscene and stock, all need to be modelled as a homogeneous whole, no one item or area should stand out. Try it the next time you visit an exhibition. You will see that to create a realistic whole, all of the different areas are modelled to the same good overall standard, and appear as a whole picture.

Yes we can take our latest purchases from  Bachmann or Hornby straight out of the box, plonk them on the layout and run them straight away, but with a little bit more effort, these already well proportioned and detailed models can be taken onto an altogether more prototypical and realistic level. Enter Lee’s locos!

My work is occasionally featured in the modelling section of ‘Traction’ magazine, and this Year should see the publication of an article in ‘Model Rail. My main area of interest is unashamedly the late British Rail period, when blue and large logo were the staple diet of liveries. My interest started to wane a little bit with the advent of complete sectorisation, and the birth of triple grey livery. I must admit it has grown on me a little more during the last couple of Years.

Have a browse around the site, there are plenty of images showing my work, and see what you think. Maybe it will inspire you to have a go at a project yourself, feel free to drop me a line to ask any questions, or discuss any projects you would like me to undertake.

Happy modelling!


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