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A Few Of The Services I Offer


renumbering class 47

Changing a locomotives identity is one of the easiest ways to create something a bit more individual, maybes a particular favourite you remember.


nameplates added to class 47

The addition of etched plates always adds additional authenticity and individuality to a locomotive.


rtc class 31 repaint

Repainting can involve anything from basic livery embellishments, perhaps a particular roof colour, or a complete new colour scheme.


weathered class 08

Using reference photographs to work from, and never just guessing at what we ‘think the item may have looked like’, I personally think weathering of model railway stock is the single biggest aspect of transforming a model into something much closer to representing the prototype.

Dcc chip fitting and programming. inc sound.

class 08 dcc zimo sound and lights

Dcc brings with it a whole new world of controlability, and ultimately more involving and realistic operation. Running characteristics can be altered and improved, individual light functions can be easily controlled.

Bass speaker fitting. (Dependant on type of loco)

custom dcc sound installation

Fitting bass speakers offers a huge enhancement to factory fitted speakers. I now manufacture my own enclosures, to make the best available use of the spare space inside a locomotives body shell.

Light fitting.

custon dcc lights

Surprisingly, a lot of currently produced items of rolling stock still don’t have factory fitted lights. Head, tail, cab, markers can all be added as required.


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